My life, in response to God, runs in seven year cycles… turning and returning, seemingly, between inward and outward struggle– or one might say oscillating between the mostly private and the uncomfortably public. Often the transitions were stressful and relationships got messier than I would like. If you knew me then, I apologize. If you “hung with me,” well done, thank you and I love you more.

This past one, 2011-2018, was a time to marry. While 2004-2011, was a returnĀ to service with missions I first encountered 1990-1997. And after that, 1997-2004, I cared for my parents, rectified personal issues, and thankfully, was finally called out of personal missions that were part of a dying world. And so on…

Once the season was over I never looked back… until now. To begin, again, at the head of this season, I was impressed to begin a blog, perhaps until 2025(?) It will be about signs of the Church among broken world systems. It won’t be for everyone, perhaps very few, but when asked I answer in awe to an audience of One.

Matt 7:10=Luke 11:11