Jesus’ Cloud in my rough shanty…

Don’t pass on malicious gossip.

“Don’t link up with a wicked person and give corrupt testimony. Don’t go along with the crowd in doing evil and don’t fudge your testimony in a case just to please the crowd. And just because someone is poor, don’t show favoritism in a dispute.

“If you find your enemy’s ox or donkey loose, take it back to him. If you see the donkey of someone who hates you lying helpless under its load, don’t walk off and leave it. Help it up.

When there is a dispute concerning your poor, don’t tamper with the justice due them.

Stay clear of false accusations. Don’t contribute to the death of innocent and good people. I don’t let the wicked off the hook.

Don’t take bribes. Bribes blind perfectly good eyes and twist the speech of good people.

Don’t take advantage of a stranger. You know what it’s like to be a stranger; you were strangers in Egypt.

“Sow your land for six years and gather in its crops, but in the seventh year leave it alone and give it a rest so that your poor may eat from it. What they leave, let the wildlife have. Do the same with your vineyards and olive groves.

“Work for six days and rest the seventh so your ox and donkey may rest and your servant and migrant workers may have time to get their needed rest.

“Listen carefully to everything I tell you. Don’t pay attention to other gods—don’t so much as mention their names.

“Three times a year you are to hold a festival for me.

“Hold the spring Festival of Unraised Bread when you eat unraised bread for seven days at the time set for the month of Abib, as I commanded you. That was the month you came out of Egypt. No one should show up before me empty-handed.

“Hold the summer Festival of Harvest when you bring in the firstfruits of all your work in the fields.

“Hold the autumn Festival of Ingathering at the end of the season when you bring in the year’s crops.

“Three times a year all your males are to appear before the Master, God.

Don’t offer the blood of a sacrifice to me with anything that has yeast in it.

“Don’t leave the fat from my festival offering out overnight.

“Bring the choice first produce of the year to the house of your God.

“Don’t boil a kid in its mother’s milk.

“Now get yourselves ready. I’m sending my Angel ahead of you to guard you in your travels, to lead you to the place that I’ve prepared. Pay close attention to him. Obey him. Don’t go against him. He won’t put up with your rebellions because he’s acting on my authority. But if you obey him and do everything I tell you, I’ll be an enemy to your enemies, I’ll fight those who fight you. When my Angel goes ahead of you and leads you to the land of the Amorites, the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Canaanites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites, I’ll clear the country of them. So don’t worship or serve their gods; don’t do anything they do because I’m going to wipe them right off the face of the Earth and smash their sacred phallic pillars to bits.

But you—you serve your God and he’ll bless your food and your water. I’ll get rid of the sickness among you; there won’t be any miscarriages nor barren women in your land. I’ll make sure you live full and complete lives.

“I’ll send my Terror on ahead of you and throw those peoples you’re approaching into a panic. All you’ll see of your enemies is the backs of their necks.

“And I’ll send Despair on ahead of you. It will push the Hivites, the Canaanites, and the Hittites out of your way. I won’t get rid of them all at once lest the land grow up in weeds and the wild animals take over. Little by little I’ll get them out of there while you have a chance to get your crops going and make the land your own. I will make your borders stretch from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea and from the Wilderness to the Euphrates River. I’m turning everyone living in that land over to you; go ahead and drive them out.

“Don’t make any deals with them or their gods. They are not to stay in the same country with you lest they get you to sin by worshiping their gods. Beware. That’s a huge danger.”

I asked my one and only high priest, my sole establisher and exclusive author, “what next?” He replied, “tell our story; it’s ours but it’s yours to share as you please.” “How shall I tell it lord?” Jesus said, “do like our Father and I did, from the beginning. Share your first public encampment of us, in your first going out in return to us.

My, “Beta’s,” song of King Alpha along the bayous of shanty town, like sleeping with the livestock of a nation, in my Babylon that heads up the world in death worship. Yes, I know this song pulls the Yesterday’s Wine album out of order, but I am not Alpha. I am “a little” disordered like most, but we’ve all been given the power and authority to retell our stories of Jesus in us as we please, in all our divine failures and messy glories. He wants us all to tell, to testify of his victory in us!

Ah, you should’ve seen this imperfect son of an imperfect man coming for Jesus.

Mammaw Brooks had to wait 14 years from this first message (below) for me “to get saved by baptism.” But I think we’re all good now, and none of this would have been possible without all her heretofore unacknowledged work with me. Pappaw Brooks always emphasized telling the truth. So when God came to me as a child, one of the many times we talked (more on that latter), that’s what I asked Him to give me. Please know the simple faith of a child is a righteous spirit to my God. He smiled and said “done.” Don’t get me wrong I tell a lot of lies, but to this day no one has been able to say that I lied about my God. Many people just said “that’s not true,” well that’s according to their version of God; so we agree. But they don’t know my God, so I didn’t lie to them.

This is the Church where I preached my first sermon. I believe I was about 7. Ancient sources vary on the issue so I am guessing, using family lore, and piecing it together studiously. We used to go along South Wayside to get there, but the highways and streets have changed.

I wanted to go in and say hello to the pastor, but I was very, very sad to see it abandoned. It is happening more and more, not because the world is wicked. It’s happening because many American churches serve the powers that be instead of the power Who Is. That’s idolatry that the Bible doesn’t address directly much because people didn’t have a choice of leadership back in the day. But it is many churches’ biggest business of late (about 1700 years). So, He’s letting them wither before he cuts them off. Others serve self-interest and do well, but that’s not the gospel of my Jesus. So one day very soon, He’ll just pull them out by the root. Ouch!

The first Sermon, according the memory of my excitement then and to multiple family members retold through the years:

“My God has given me a heart to love him,

He gave me eyes to see him,

He gave me ears to hear him,

And a mouth to talk about him!

[Foot stomp, hand clap Bible]

I ask you, who is Jesus to you?!

Your God… good;

Your Savior… great;

Your Lord… okay.

[Double foot stomp, hand clap Bible]

Well brothers and sisters, this is my bible!

[Hold bible overhead while clip-on tie falls to the floor]

My bible says Jesus is the Word of God.

So my Jesus says, if you claim him

And you do not serve the little orphan,

And care for the widow woman,

Then you have forgotten your God,

And you can’t see yourself in the mirror!

That is what the Word of God, my Jesus, says!

So I can’t say you are right unless I believe Jesus first!


[one foot stomp and Bible clap]

Now, maybe it was the Church of Christ that made the mistake of teaching James to me in Sunday school immediately before asking me to get up there and share what I learned. Or maybe not, the point is they did and that’s what came out of me. But since then I came to know God was in it all along. Years later, I understood why the men just stared and a few ladies cheered and wept. My grandmother looked very uncomfortable and asked me to come sit down. And as I did, I heard an angry old cuss say, “he sounds like a damn Baptist!” And there it was… the snake in the garden. There’s always at least one, sometimes a lot. I learned to ignore it even though Jesus hasn’t.

Even later, I came to understand that churches are mostly representations of the people who go there and the God they like to reify by projection, in self-fetishes, even to the extreme abominations of human ordained theocracies! Even on this day! You know, Jesus loves what I love and hates what I hate. So, we’ll impose our rules over you and lord the truth over you like gentiles do.

How else can you explain slavery at the height of Christendom Triumphant? How else do you explain all that “priviledge, wealth, and power,” and they just wither in a dead forest and wreck God’s good work worse than any pagan clan ever did? They look like a big stinky horizon line of farts on the eschatological battlefield. Jesus and I are deeply grieved about that, and he will judge that issue later. I am here to help in the interim, only if invited, for however long it pleases my Lord. If our Father ever wants another theocracy, then Jesus Christ himself will come down and do it. No one will be able to say “hum, maybe, er, maybe not.” He’s the only one with the crowns, all of them. Any other one is anti-Christ in word and deed! They will only lead to more despair and terror.

You angry about what we just said? Well, tough, go away and start your own blog. This one is for me and Jesus, and our trustworthy folks. I mean it, go back out and see what you see. And come back when you are ready to carry your cross and follow Jesus. Come back when you’re ready to serve the Lord God Almighty and those that he called his people to serve (what James calls the one true religion), instead of yourself, which really means you’re serving Satan. Go on, get to stepp’n; nobody is going to stop you.

My God has never imposed his will on anyone to follow him, so I won’t either in order to keep ourselves set apart from all the selfish Christ-claimers. You can only carry a cross willingly and with purpose in sacrifice. We wear big-boy britches in this house, and women of God dress as your own good conscious allows; you all have done a much better job than the men so far. And I do not have the unction, time, nor inclination to change diapers. That’s someone else’s job. Come back if and when you’re able, please. In my Lord’s house we don’t shoot the wounded, everybody except Jesus is a sinner. The wounded and yet still willing are the ones elevated to serve in His trust-worthiness…

And hear me, we never, never ever, scapegoat the lost and sinful, broken or poor, or particularly, the oppressed. That’s what devils do! That’s the spirit in people that crucified my Lord of Glory! Deceived still, they say things like, ‘those filthy people over there are ruining my righteous marriage!’ Man oh man, if that’s actually true, then you were never in a righteous marriage and your faith is pusillanimous. Being right doesn’t make you righteous. Being rectified by Christ Jesus means you serve and sacrifice like Jesus. Even Forest Gump knows that ‘righteous is as righteous does.’ I haven’t ever met a person too dumb, too humble, or too honest to be reconciled to God, but I have met many too smart, too proud, or too deluded to accept the Shalom of God, which is life in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Sinners and the lost and alike are targets of the gospel, not easy marks to make you feel better about yourself. You can’t claim grace/salvation/glory on the inside of your house and, at the same time, sin/judgement/condemnation on all those outside. In truth, the inverse is much closer to the truth. Jesus called it ‘an issue with their cups.’ And our Father’s prayer makes very clear the consequences of that impurity. We all need to be daily refined by forgiving others and receiving forgiveness, or else my God and my Lord would not have said it. Most say it but very few actually do it. Be doers, not just sayers, of God’s prayer for us all.

So many churches and so many gods, and so many “Jesuses” I don’t recognize. Paul seems to stress the opposite approach. Many peoples, coming from many places to worship one God in one Faith by one Spirit baptism sent by Jesus Christ and our Father (and yes, you can say an actual believer’s water baptism too). Then, within a day and across an age, all those different folks become substantially and formally metamorphosed, by God, into one likeness, one image, into one body for his uniquely begotten Son. It’s kind’a like my God made my wife for me.

Pappaw Brooks said the first way is “horseshit.” I agree and so does Jesus, as I’ve always understood him. And they’re right, because I’ve known them both my whole life and neither ever did me any harm. But the splitters, deceivers, theocrats and self-imagers have attempted, without exception, to harm me and grieve the Spirit given to me. My other grandfather, who trained as a Methodist minister, he told me, “son that’s the problem, when you tell the whole truth of God’s Word in most churches you bust their hustle. ”

Now I understand it as idolatry in preferring to hear and see what pleases yourself. It is not evil to say if it is true, call a spade a spade inside the hosue in order to care for and serve the all those in trouble outside the house. In fact, it is an act of Grace to point it out now that we’re in the finals… and there’s too many diapers and not enough britches. It would be wrong to stay in our anger or stay in the hypocrisy because it would hurt ourselves and, more importantly, the others.

A reodering to/by/for God’s Logos is in order and it starts as an inside job that will become a more perfect outside job. This is all facts, let conviction and edification land where it does according to the spirits. Look out at your world now, the churches in power through their poor associations with the powers that be and selfish choices are at fault; no one else had the power or authority to create our present perilous state.

More on all that later, I hope, but this post was just looking back at what Jesus said in my first sermon then, and what it messages today. Now some more psalms that have better theology and doctrine than too many churches we’ve encountered.

Mammaw Brooks taught me to read from the bible as soon as I started to learn my abc’s. I had trouble and I had to write and rewrite words to remember how to spell them. It was hard but we spent untold hours talking about the stories and which words were the most important. Years later I was told that I probably had dyslexia or some structural brain disorder, but that was one term before I was going to graduate undergrad with honors. So the clinician said there wasn’t anything she could do for me; then she asked me how I overcame it. She was a nice lady, so I told her about my folks and Jesus working with me.

Bonus track for my baptism: I never felt apart from God but I did receive some insight and direct instructions from my Lord at my baptism by Neil Kemper in the Trinity River (1989). Jesus came to me and said, “never accept authority in any earthly government or receive orders from any human priesthood.” I was like, “er, well, alright.” Over the years my obedience disappointed a few people by declining one or the other. I am sorry for that. My sisters figured, “that’s our brother marching to the beat of his own drummer, again.” My parents and pappaw and Neil all thought, “that’s about right for you.” But poor mammaw, all she heard was, “[our grandson] will never be a Church of Christ preacher!”

Well mammaw, it seems God laid a better plan for us that he nested in his hugest decision tree of all. Wonderous things we only understand, dimly and in part, now, 31 years later. A long curacy by any one’s standards, especially after a 22 year catechism. So let’s sing apart but together (kinda like churches are nowadays) about what we both wanted most for each other then, now, and forever! If I can be Willie, then you can certainly be Patsy– although in real life we’d sound more like Punch and Judy. Let’s sing it anyway mammaw because, we know now and we’re are so joyous. You might even dance! Or not, maybe not…

And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the Lord appeared to Abram and said unto him, “I am the Almighty God. Walk before Me, and be thou perfect. And I will make My covenant between Me and thee, and will multiply thee exceedingly.”

He Is Your Life

So if you’re serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it. Pursue the things over which Christ presides. Don’t shuffle along, eyes to the ground, absorbed with the things right in front of you. Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ—that’s where the action is. See things from his perspective.

Your old life is dead. Your new life, which is your real life—even though invisible to spectators—is with Christ in God. He is your life. When Christ (your real life, remember) shows up again on this earth, you’ll show up, too—the real you, the glorious you. Meanwhile, be content with obscurity, like Christ.

And that means killing off everything connected with that way of death: sexual promiscuity, impurity, lust, doing whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it, and grabbing whatever attracts your fancy. That’s a life shaped by things and feelings instead of by God. It’s because of this kind of thing that God is about to explode in anger. It wasn’t long ago that you were doing all that stuff and not knowing any better. But you know better now, so make sure it’s all gone for good: bad temper, irritability, meanness, profanity, dirty talk.

Don’t lie to one another. You’re done with that old life. It’s like a filthy set of ill-fitting clothes you’ve stripped off and put in the fire. Now you’re dressed in a new wardrobe. Every item of your new way of life is custom-made by the Creator, with his label on it. All the old fashions are now obsolete. Words like Jewish and non-Jewish, religious and irreligious, insider and outsider, uncivilized and uncouth, slave and free, mean nothing. From now on everyone is defined by Christ, everyone is included in Christ.

So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive as quickly and completely as the Master forgave you. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It’s your basic, all-purpose garment. Never be without it.

Let the peace of Christ keep you in tune with each other, in step with each other. None of this going off and doing your own thing. And cultivate thankfulness. Let the Word of Christ—the Message—have the run of the house. Give it plenty of room in your lives. Instruct and direct one another using good common sense. And sing, sing your hearts out to God! Let every detail in your lives—words, actions, whatever—be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way.

Wives, understand and support your husbands by submitting to them in ways that honor the Master.

Husbands, go all out in love for your wives. Don’t take advantage of them.

Children, do what your parents tell you. This delights the Master to no end.

Parents, don’t come down too hard on your children or you’ll crush their spirits.

Servants, do what you’re told by your earthly masters. And don’t just do the minimum that will get you by. Do your best. Work from the heart for your real Master, for God, confident that you’ll get paid in full when you come into your inheritance. Keep in mind always that the ultimate Master you’re serving is Christ. The sullen servant who does shoddy work will be held responsible. Being a follower of Jesus doesn’t cover up bad work.



The next post (sundown October 9th) will be an excruciating parable discussing explicit, mature issues of horrible abuse. I did not want to write it, but Jesus ordered it because his Spirit will do glorious things with it, slowly coming to light. We want a few mature, circumspect, and sober women and men to review it and redact it as they deem proper in good conscious before anyone else sees it. Do not let anyone be harmed by it! A great light will arise from this pit, and then we will close one night later on a very positive upswing. Promise! But the power of the upstroke is proportionate to the preceding down stroke. It is a profound downgrade, but it is time to start building vertical circles of trust for the upstroke from our pit. This is a very serious and painful issue for too many but we trust you.

After the Lamb of God…

Stretch the Borders of Life

At that time, this song
    will be sung in the country of Judah:
We have a strong city, Salvation City,
    built and fortified with salvation.
Throw wide the gates
    so good and true people can enter.
People with their minds set on you,
    you keep completely whole,
Steady on their feet,
    because they keep at it and don’t quit.
Depend on God and keep at it
    because in the Lord God you have a sure thing.
Those who lived high and mighty
    he knocked off their high horse.
He used the city built on the hill
    as fill for the marshes.
All the exploited and outcast peoples
    build their lives on the reclaimed land.

The path of right-living people is level.
    The Leveler evens the road for the right-living.
We’re in no hurry, God. We’re content to linger
    in the path sign-posted with your decisions.
Who you are and what you’ve done
    are all we’ll ever want.

Through the night my soul longs for you.
    Deep from within me my spirit reaches out to you.
When your decisions are on public display,
    everyone learns how to live right.

If the wicked are shown grace,
    they don’t seem to get it.
In the land of right living, they persist in wrong living,
    blind to the splendor of God.

 You hold your hand up high, God,
    but they don’t see it.
Open their eyes to what you do,
    to see your zealous love for your people.
Shame them. Light a fire under them.
    Get the attention of these enemies of yours.
God, order a peaceful and whole life for us
    because everything we’ve done, you’ve done for us.
O God, our God, we’ve had other masters rule us,
    but you’re the only Master we’ve ever known.

The dead don’t talk,
    ghosts don’t walk,
Because you’ve said, “Enough—that’s all for you,”
    and wiped them off the books.
But the living you make larger than life.
    The more life you give, the more glory you display,
    and stretch the borders to accommodate more living!

O God, they begged you for help when they were in trouble,
    when your discipline was so heavy
    they could barely whisper a prayer.
Like a woman having a baby,
    writhing in distress, screaming her pain
    as the baby is being born,
That’s how we were because of you, O God.
    We were pregnant full-term.
We writhed in labor but bore no baby.
    We gave birth to wind.
Nothing came of our labor.
    We produced nothing living.
    We couldn’t save the world.

But friends, your dead will live,
    your corpses will get to their feet.
All you dead and buried,
    wake up! Sing!
Your dew is morning dew
    catching the first rays of sun,
The earth bursting with life,
    giving birth to the dead.

Come, my people, go home
    and shut yourselves in.
Go into seclusion for a while
    until the punishing wrath is past,
Because God is sure to come from his place
    to punish the wrong of the people on earth.
Earth itself will point out the bloodstains;
    it will show where the murdered have been hidden away.

Faith in What We Don’t See

The fundamental fact of existence is that this trust in God, this faith, is the firm foundation under everything that makes life worth living. It’s our handle on what we can’t see. The act of faith is what distinguished our ancestors, set them above the crowd.

By faith, we see the world called into existence by God’s word, what we see created by what we don’t see.

By an act of faith, Abel brought a better sacrifice to God than Cain. It was what he believed, not what he brought, that made the difference. That’s what God noticed and approved as righteous. After all these centuries, that belief continues to catch our notice.

By an act of faith, Enoch skipped death completely. “They looked all over and couldn’t find him because God had taken him.” We know on the basis of reliable testimony that before he was taken “he pleased God.” It’s impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him.

By faith, Noah built a ship in the middle of dry land. He was warned about something he couldn’t see, and acted on what he was told. The result? His family was saved. His act of faith drew a sharp line between the evil of the unbelieving world and the rightness of the believing world. As a result, Noah became intimate with God.

By an act of faith, Abraham said yes to God’s call to travel to an unknown place that would become his home. When he left he had no idea where he was going. By an act of faith he lived in the country promised him, lived as a stranger camping in tents. Isaac and Jacob did the same, living under the same promise. Abraham did it by keeping his eye on an unseen city with real, eternal foundations—the City designed and built by God.

By faith, barren Sarah was able to become pregnant, old woman as she was at the time, because she believed the One who made a promise would do what he said. That’s how it happened that from one man’s dead and shriveled loins there are now people numbering into the millions.

Each one of these people of faith died not yet having in hand what was promised, but still believing. How did they do it? They saw it way off in the distance, waved their greeting, and accepted the fact that they were transients in this world. People who live this way make it plain that they are looking for their true home. If they were homesick for the old country, they could have gone back any time they wanted. But they were after a far better country than that—heaven country. You can see why God is so proud of them, and has a City waiting for them.

By faith, Abraham, at the time of testing, offered Isaac back to God. Acting in faith, he was as ready to return the promised son, his only son, as he had been to receive him—and this after he had already been told, “Your descendants shall come from Isaac.” Abraham figured that if God wanted to, he could raise the dead. In a sense, that’s what happened when he received Isaac back, alive from off the altar.

By an act of faith, Isaac reached into the future as he blessed Jacob and Esau.

By an act of faith, Jacob on his deathbed blessed each of Joseph’s sons in turn, blessing them with God’s blessing, not his own—as he bowed worshipfully upon his staff.

By an act of faith, Joseph, while dying, prophesied the exodus of Israel, and made arrangements for his own burial.

By an act of faith, Moses’ parents hid him away for three months after his birth. They saw the child’s beauty, and they braved the king’s decree.

By faith, Moses, when grown, refused the privileges of the Egyptian royal house. He chose a hard life with God’s people rather than an opportunistic soft life of sin with the oppressors. He valued suffering in the Messiah’s camp far greater than Egyptian wealth because he was looking ahead, anticipating the payoff. By an act of faith, he turned his heel on Egypt, indifferent to the king’s blind rage. He had his eye on the One no eye can see, and kept right on going. By an act of faith, he kept the Passover Feast and sprinkled Passover blood on each house so that the destroyer of the firstborn wouldn’t touch them.

By an act of faith, Israel walked through the Red Sea on dry ground. The Egyptians tried it and drowned.

By faith, the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho for seven days, and the walls fell flat.

By an act of faith, Rahab, the Jericho harlot, welcomed the spies and escaped the destruction that came on those who refused to trust God.

I could go on and on, but I’ve run out of time. There are so many more—Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel, the prophets. . . . Through acts of faith, they toppled kingdoms, made justice work, took the promises for themselves. They were protected from lions, fires, and sword thrusts, turned disadvantage to advantage, won battles, routed alien armies. Women received their loved ones back from the dead. There were those who, under torture, refused to give in and go free, preferring something better: resurrection. Others braved abuse and whips, and, yes, chains and dungeons. We have stories of those who were stoned, sawed in two, murdered in cold blood; stories of vagrants wandering the earth in animal skins, homeless, friendless, powerless—the world didn’t deserve them!—making their way as best they could on the cruel edges of the world.

Not one of these people, even though their lives of faith were exemplary, got their hands on what was promised. God had a better plan for us: that their faith and our faith would come together to make one completed whole, their lives of faith not complete apart from ours.

…As I walked back toward the veil I was inspired to cast down these three crowns, at the feet of Christ Jesus:

Behind the veil we three priests talked about many things but the only things that were pertinent, for now, was the discussion with Joel’s witness and the one and only high priest’s, Jesus’, perfection of ‘his better plan for us.’ Then, they prayed over me to go out in our order and my own name. And finally, our Lord Jesus closed us by saying, “today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.” Behind the veil I was given another paper from my past and was instructed to roll it up and tie it to the left post of the entrance as I walked out to return below.

As we left the tent I handed the rolled paper to the guards and as they bound it on the left post. It reads, again:

“Abraham’s movement constitutes perhaps the fundamental arrangement that has governed and contested the religious lives of spiritual people from his day until our own.

This arrangement is essential because it forms our common history; but it is presently disintegrating before our very eyes as some of us recognize that God is greater than our desires, but many still insist on serving fallen crafts, or hypocritically seek to please both. In a critical mode of vision and action, we may recognize and differentiate our desires for God from His desires for us; we ought to relinquish the delusion of limited control and gain Glory. To this end… we can never forget the One that paved the opening at the cross, Christ Jesus, who covers our sin for all time, and only momentarily the ubiquitous blasphemy that is the chief obstacle standing in the way of an imminent new way of life.

            To all those who rebelliously still wish to talk about “man” as idol… who wish to make themselves the starting point and judge of their attempts to reach up to the Truth… who compulsively self-reference their understanding of Truth back to what pleases them most… who refuse to think without immediately admitting it is they who have imposed their own will and thoughts to their end today, to all those warped and twisted calls to inaction, we must now turn away.

            One thing is certain about this perilous state; man’s self-image is neither the oldest nor the most constructed image raised in vain against our Living God. Taking the relatively short chronological sample within a restricted geographical area—the West since Abraham moved— It is certain that the way we imagine ourselves is a recent invention within it.

            Self-image cloaks our secrets and relations. Sin prowled so long in the shadows we stitched together and the abyss kept below, but now it gestates in our abusive housekeeping, satanic worthless-ship. In fact, among all created things and their order of relation, our self-image and chief commodity, now communed by the false prophets to give the appearance of life, movement, to the dead. The abomination resurrected, a worship of self-will run riot on terminally lethal fumes… only that one, that which began over a century and half ago and will now come to a close, has made it possible for the sons of perdition and lawlessness in league with those that bank on terror and fear to appear victorious.

            If those arrangements built on self-righteousness and their forces of tyranny that rely on comfortable passivity were to disappear as they appeared, if we could throw down our vanities… if some event of which we can at the moment do no more than sense the possibility… were to cause them to crumble… if we could manage the slightest tangential shift in perspective… then we could certainly wager that our lies of self-image and importance would be erased like a face drawn in sand at the edge of the sea.  And we would see, if only for an instant, in that parallax our Lord’s undesigned face slip through in return to acknowledge our repentance. That holy glance, however fleeting, would surpass anything we presently recall from our history in rebuttal to Abraham’s faith. We could live in the Holy Spirit and reign with Christ Jesus for our Father in healing over creation for a thousand years.”   

As we walked to the edge they all wanted to know if it would be war or peace. Melchizedek told them, “Michael you return to Israel. Chamuel and Uriel you return with Raphael and Stephen. All others to the edge and watch closely, hold and stand. “But that is not our question,” they all asked, “will Nimrod remain for war or will they accept a real Cyrus so we can begin the Lord’s dream immediately?” Jophiel spoke up, “why isn’t Nimrod talking about the wall that isn’t there for us to knock down?” Raphael smiled, “the Medicine has taken hold.”

I interceded, “no matter… war over more dead bodies then healing, or peace and healing now. God will be glorified most, either way. He handed them over to their own desires several rotations ago and now the worst pagan darkness ever known hangs pregnant over the land. Things are so bad today no one will be able to cry we didn’t know again, tomorrow. Not on this watch, God didn’t call my wife and I back nor did we leave paradise island, cross 5000 miles of water, fight to hold the middle ground, and jump off the greatest mountian of smoke just to teach Nazis and nimrods lessons in humanity. There is much more to do. Our King declared to offer shalom now. It will be done below. In Truth, it already has been done. And then it is up to them again, only this time if they chose… unwisely, all flesh would see. Heck, we wouldn’t need to do much, after a time all their works crush them under their own temples everytime. So this time, time is our strong ally not Satan’s.” All of us became solemn and we prayed, as we walked, for hard hearts to be broken below.

Melchizedek walked us to the edge and we bantered. He said, “well newbie josser, Beta, you ready?” I responded, “were you, Psi? And more to the point, does it matter because we have orders to follow?” He laughed and said “hey man, no fair, Greek wasn’t a thing back in the day.” Chagrined I said, “yeah, must of been real tough being king in the wasteland where I was an innocent goat left beaten, abused, and within God’s hand of being dead!” He responded, “touche’, but I had to work with a lot of old dirty guys whereas you get to serve for the most lovely event ever.”

At the edge, I said, “yeah, well look at all that crap down there. Either way, it is gonna be a long haul.” And as we turned to descend we looked to the King and He, in turn, pointed above to our Father and all the choirs and creation above asked, “who is like the Lord?!” And the whole patrol cried back, “He is Jesus the Messiah, and there is no other like him!” There was much noise in the heavens.

As we rotated to catch the sphere and glimpse the totality of chaos, the deceived, and demons below, covering the poor and oppressed with all their flith and death worship. The stink began to fill my long nostrils… I looked side to side and said, “take your positions please, so we might stomp on the terror here too.”

As my spirit came to land, my Father explained to me, in private, why there was no blood on the altar above. And He set my face like flint to find the blood. For now, in this moment, the only remaing blood of Jesus is on the true Bride. She is being crushed on earth by the enemy and their deceived foot-soliders. Others are simple in faith and comitted to the Way of Christ. While still others of His most precious gift struggle well reaping in the fields, without enough support from wealthy churches. There are many others across the earth. They are easy to spot. Then she will be lifted up and put on pure cloth, just before her marriage to the Lamb. Finally, I heard the wretched voices of the proud saying, “we have saved this many or that number!” I thought how odd? The only number a child of Jesus remembers is how many “I” didn’t save; that is the only number that haunts us.

So to find peace to sleep, I recalled the most glorious day, by far, that Jesus ever gave me, just 7 years ago. I did not deserve it, I never could have earned such an umerited gift, but Jesus always keeps his promises and this restored my peace by his glorious Grace, like no other ever would or could:

So, from the Glory of Jesus Christ to our glory, we now offer the Glory of Jesus to all by Jesus for the glory of Jesus toward a union with Jesus and all humanity:

I and my war bride are one, now. Together we stand at the Altar upon the Heights, literally. We turn to face all humanity personally, from here. We humble ourselves to one and all. We kneel and bow our heads before you. We extend our hands out and up to you. In our right hand, to your left, is God’s shalom, Life now and forever. Drop your idols and receive union with Jesus Christ. The other way there is only terror and death, don’t go there! We plead, beg, and implore all to move to our right and receive shalom. It is our Glorified Lord’s right hand as well. We are nothing, but Jesus is everything. The Spirit of Christ Jesus is within us for this offering of shalom. We are great sinners. We have failed in epic ways, repeatedly. But we humbled ourselves before the Father and his mighty right hand, the one and only Jesus Christ, in time, lifted us up and called my bride and me back here, to kneel before everyone from here.

EVERYBODY come and seek, repent and return, to the Lord, your true and most high God now, before the time has passed! Please do not misunderstand us, we will do all we might, even unto death for His Glory. But now, only two things are sure: God will be glorified in your obedience or your disobedience, always and forever. And as for us and our house we will obey Him, no other! There is no other! He is like no other in battle for our Father’s glory or His war to rescue it and us all, at His Cross, and now all other spots all about us. Choose wisely, for we are all immeadiately upon a separation of ways, a cataract in the river of Life, or a fork in the road up to Jesus, or not. Choose wisely, while you might!

We sing and weep with these few voices here who only want to serve and witness our Lord’s way. We will never stop:



(next post sundown October 2)

Before the Lamb of God…

The first Witness states:

The Day of Atonement

After the death of Aaron’s two sons—they died when they came before God with strange fire—God spoke to Moses: “Tell your brother Aaron not to enter into the Holy of Holies, barging inside the curtain that’s before the Atonement-Cover on the Chest whenever he feels like it, lest he die, because I am present in the Cloud over the Atonement-Cover.

“This is the procedure for Aaron when he enters the Holy Place: He will bring a young bull for an Absolution-Offering and a ram for a Whole-Burnt-Offering; he will put on the holy linen tunic and the linen underwear, tie the linen sash around him, and put on the linen turban. These are the sacred vestments so he must bathe himself with water before he puts them on. Then from the Israelite community he will bring two male goats for an Absolution-Offering and a Whole-Burnt-Offering.

“Aaron will offer the bull for his own Absolution-Offering in order to make atonement for himself and his household. Then he will set the two goats before God at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting and cast lots over the two goats, one lot for God and the other lot for Azazel. He will offer the goat on which the lot to God falls as an Absolution-Offering. The goat on which the lot for Azazel falls will be sent out into the wilderness to Azazel to make atonement.

“Aaron will present his bull for an Absolution-Offering to make atonement for himself and his household. He will slaughter his bull for the Absolution-Offering. He will take a censer full of burning coals from the Altar before God and two handfuls of finely ground aromatic incense and bring them inside the curtain and put the incense on the fire before God; the smoke of the incense will cover the Atonement-Cover which is over The Testimony so that he doesn’t die. He will take some of the bull’s blood and sprinkle it with his finger on the front of the Atonement-Cover, then sprinkle the blood before the Atonement-Cover seven times.

“Next he will slaughter the goat designated as the Absolution-Offering for the people and bring the blood inside the curtain. He will repeat what he does with the bull’s blood, sprinkling it on and before the Atonement-Cover. In this way he will make atonement for the Holy of Holies because of the uncleannesses of the Israelites, their acts of rebellion, and all their other sins. He will do the same thing for the Tent of Meeting which dwells among the people in the midst of their uncleanness. There is to be no one in the Tent of Meeting from the time Aaron goes in to make atonement in the Holy of Holies until he comes out, having made atonement for himself, his household, and the whole community of Israel.

“Then he will come out to the Altar that is before God and make atonement for it. He will take some of the bull’s blood and some of the goat’s blood and smear it all around the four horns of the Altar. With his finger he will sprinkle some of the blood on it seven times to purify and consecrate it from the uncleannesses of the Israelites.

“When Aaron finishes making atonement for the Holy of Holies, the Tent of Meeting, and the Altar, he will bring up the live goat, lay both hands on the live goat’s head, and confess all the iniquities of the People of Israel, all their acts of rebellion, all their sins. He will put all the sins on the goat’s head and send it off into the wilderness, led out by a man standing by and ready. The goat will carry all their iniquities to an empty wasteland; the man will let him loose out there in the wilderness.

“Finally, Aaron will come into the Tent of Meeting and take off the linen clothes in which he dressed to enter the Holy of Holies and leave them there. He will bathe in water in a Holy Place, put on his priestly vestments, offer the Whole-Burnt-Offering for himself and the Whole-Burnt-Offering for the people, making atonement for himself and the people, and burn the fat of the Absolution-Offering on the Altar.

“The man who takes the goat out to Azazel in the wilderness then will wash his clothes and bathe himself with water. After that he will be permitted to come back into the camp. The bull for the Absolution-Offering and the goat for the Absolution-Offering, whose blood has been taken into the Holy of Holies to make atonement, are to be taken outside the camp and burned—their hides, their meat, and their entrails. The man assigned to burn them up will then wash his clothes and bathe himself in water. Then he is free to come back into the camp.

“This is standard practice for you, a perpetual ordinance. On the tenth day of the seventh month, both the citizen and the foreigner living with you are to enter into a solemn fast and refrain from all work, because on this day atonement will be made for you, to cleanse you. In the presence of God you will be made clean of all your sins. It is a Sabbath of all Sabbaths. You must fast. It is a perpetual ordinance.

“The priest who is anointed and ordained to succeed his father is to make the atonement:

He puts on the sacred linen garments;

He purges the Holy of Holies by making atonement;

He purges the Tent of Meeting and the Altar by making atonement;

He makes atonement for the priests and all the congregation.

“This is a perpetual ordinance for you: Once a year atonement is to be made for all the sins of the People of Israel.”

And Aaron did it, just as God commanded Moses.

I went up to the middle ground only to honor and bless my Lord, Jesus Christ, who is the one and only lamb of God ever slaughtered to put away the sins of the world, once and for all. The air was clearer than Hawaii and life in the flora and fauna were already blooming again, and there was pure water again.

Between the slit of the tent flap and the veil, I lifted my voice and cast down these crowns:

In the veil I lifted my head up and threw myself to the floor for I was terrified. There was no blood on the alter! No blood on the alter! It was spotless! This is bad, very bad! And worse, it was not the lamb of God, who is Jesus the Messiah and there is no other like him, who was slain to put away the sins of the world once and for all. On the seat of honor sat the One, Lord God Almighty, all to himself and He was spotless. The Son and the Father and the Spirit all three were in One. I had only seen this in the Throne room far above! How could this be good?!

He rose and started walking toward me. I buried my spirit face first in the floor and it shook wildly and cried out, “I am not worthy! Crush my spirit! Receive my soul! Burn my body! For I am not worthy!” As he walked towards me the whole middle ground shook and loud noises exploded outside the tent. All space unfolded like smoke and time became fire about him as he approached. I had fallen in the middle of the veil, legs still outside the veil. Melchizedek pushed me all the way in saying, “come on man, in you go.” How could this be good?!

In my terror and noise inside my body, I heard the One and Melchizedek say together “Peace and rise!” The One put both hands on my head and raised me up as the priest behind supported my back. And as they lifted me, time/space settled and quiet settled round about us. I kept my face downward but the One said “look at my face.” And the other behind me said “man, look up and live.” The tent had flown away, upward were all the saints above and all the stars of His creation; and they all sang to Him. All their lights of praise were sent to His head, and He said again to me “look at my face and live.” I thought in my head, “how could this be good?”

The One smiled all those lights at me and said, “this is good, very good, very very good.” And my spirit was still so stupid that I only thought, “okay, it might be good?” The one behind me said a third time “come on man, it is good.” The One smiled and asked me to say “peace” with Him. So we all said “peace” together, and I felt much better but I did not understand. Then He said understand this and say it with us, we all said together:

‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon us,
    because he has anointed us
        to bring glad tidings to the poor.
He has sent us to proclaim liberty to captives
    and recovery of sight to the blind,
        to let the oppressed go free,
 and to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord.

The One said “understand this” and I heard three different words all in one word “peace, shalom, and a word I cannot write but I did understand.” Our Father spoke first, “find a people that we can trust with my Son.” And that heat went to my heart and flooded my chest and guts with peace. It was a good word. Then the Son, who I knew best of the three said, “my friend, my good friend, my old friend.” And I thought only to myself, “old, who‘s old?” And my Friend almost laughed but continued, “please be my brother-in-arms once again, help me, help us, help all we love. Make war for peace the way we always have… one… last… time. Offer my shalom and find a trustworthy people and work with us to make disciples of them, so that all things might be better than good.” And the heat of that word entered through the seven gates of my head and it was very good.

I asked in our Spirit, “what next my Lord and God?” And He handed me a piece of paper from my past and said,” take this and have it nailed to the right post of tent flap. So I took it and turned outside the veil. As I did Melchizedek reached through the veil, slapped me on the back and said “there you go Beta.” I thought how odd, and they all smiled and said from behind the veil, “peace, it is good.”

Here is the paper from my past that I had the guard nail it to the right hand post of meeting which says, again:

“Do not build a monument, witness a movement. He is not a god of earthworks but the Eternal Lord of Life. He is not a name in a place but a global anthem of living grace that will never cease.”

The second Witness states:

The Sacrifice of Jesus

The old plan was only a hint of the good things in the new plan. Since that old “law plan” wasn’t complete in itself, it couldn’t complete those who followed it. No matter how many sacrifices were offered year after year, they never added up to a complete solution. If they had, the worshipers would have gone merrily on their way, no longer dragged down by their sins. But instead of removing awareness of sin, when those animal sacrifices were repeated over and over they actually heightened awareness and guilt. The plain fact is that bull and goat blood can’t get rid of sin. That is what is meant by this prophecy, put in the mouth of Christ:

“You don’t want sacrifices and offerings year after year;
    you’ve prepared a body for me for a sacrifice.
It’s not fragrance and smoke from the altar
    that whet your appetite.
So I said, “I’m here to do it your way, O God,
    the way it’s described in your Book.”

When he said, “You don’t want sacrifices and offerings,” he was referring to practices according to the old plan. When he added, “I’m here to do it your way,” he set aside the first in order to enact the new plan—God’s way—by which we are made fit for God by the once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus.

Every priest goes to work at the altar each day, offers the same old sacrifices year in, year out, and never makes a dent in the sin problem. As a priest, Christ made a single sacrifice for sins, and that was it! Then he sat down right beside God and waited for his enemies to cave in. It was a perfect sacrifice by a perfect person to perfect some very imperfect people. By that single offering, he did everything that needed to be done for everyone who takes part in the purifying process. The Holy Spirit confirms this:

This new plan I’m making with Israel
    isn’t going to be written on paper,
    isn’t going to be chiseled in stone;
This time “I’m writing out the plan in them,
    carving it on the lining of their hearts.”

He concludes,

I’ll forever wipe the slate clean of their sins.

Once sins are taken care of for good, there’s no longer any need to offer sacrifices for them.

Don’t Throw It All Away

So, friends, we can now—without hesitation—walk right up to God, into “the Holy Place.” Jesus has cleared the way by the blood of his sacrifice, acting as our priest before God. The “curtain” into God’s presence is his body.

So let’s do it—full of belief, confident that we’re presentable inside and out. Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out, not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on, especially as we see the big Day approaching.

If we give up and turn our backs on all we’ve learned, all we’ve been given, all the truth we now know, we repudiate Christ’s sacrifice and are left on our own to face the Judgment—and a mighty fierce judgment it will be! If the penalty for breaking the law of Moses is physical death, what do you think will happen if you turn on God’s Son, spit on the sacrifice that made you whole, and insult this most gracious Spirit? This is no light matter. God has warned us that he’ll hold us to account and make us pay. He was quite explicit: “Vengeance is mine, and I won’t overlook a thing” and “God will judge his people.” Nobody’s getting by with anything, believe me.

Remember those early days after you first saw the light? Those were the hard times! Kicked around in public, targets of every kind of abuse—some days it was you, other days your friends. If some friends went to prison, you stuck by them. If some enemies broke in and seized your goods, you let them go with a smile, knowing they couldn’t touch your real treasure. Nothing they did bothered you, nothing set you back. So don’t throw it all away now. You were sure of yourselves then. It’s still a sure thing! But you need to stick it out, staying with God’s plan so you’ll be there for the promised completion.

It won’t be long now, he’s on the way;
    he’ll show up most any minute.
But anyone who is right with me thrives on loyal trust;
    if he cuts and runs, I won’t be very happy.

But we’re not quitters who lose out. Oh, no! We’ll stay with it and survive, trusting all the way.

In the name of the Father, God, and his only/uniquely begotten son, Lord Jesus The Messiah, and in our Holy Spiritwe offer our shalom to everyone now, repent and return to the will of God, shalom. For, “it is the webbing together of God, humans, and all creation in justice, fulfillment, and delight is what the Hebrew prophets call shalom. We call it peace but it means far more than mere peace of mind or a cease-fire between enemies. In the Bible, shalom means universal flourishing, wholeness and delight – a rich state of affairs in which natural needs are satisfied and natural gifts fruitfully employed, a state of affairs that inspires joyful wonder as its Creator and Savior opens doors and welcomes the creatures in whom he delights. Shalom, in other words, is the way things ought to be.”

Initium sapientiae timor domini

And this song played across the middleground and all creation here and above sang this:

I was called back into the tent and wept so hard and smiled so big and shook so bad, but I walked because I no longer would fear anything but the Lord my God…it was good, it was very good…

[rest, pray, and return at sundown tomorrow]


This Temple Will End Up Better Than It Started Out

I asked the God-of-the-Angel-Armies, he is Jesus the Messiah and there is no other like him, what he says next. He replies to all, again,

“Return all things to My Order, for the King of Heaven is at hand!”

On the twenty-first day of the seventh month, the Word of God came through the prophet Haggai: “Tell Governor Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel and High Priest Joshua son of Jehozadak and all the people: ‘Is there anyone here who saw the Temple the way it used to be, all glorious? And what do you see now? Not much, right?

 “‘So get to work, Zerubbabel!’—God is speaking.

“‘Get to work, Joshua son of Jehozadak—high priest!’

“‘Get to work, all you people!’—God is speaking.

“‘Yes, get to work! For I am with you.The God-of-the-Angel-Armies is speaking! ‘Put into action the word I covenanted with you when you left Egypt. I’m living and breathing among you right now. Don’t be timid. Don’t hold back.’

“This is what God-of-the-Angel-Armies said: ‘Before you know it, I will shake up sky and earth, ocean and fields. And I’ll shake down all the godless nations. They’ll bring bushels of wealth and I will fill this Temple with splendor.’ God-of-the-Angel-Armies says so.

‘I own the silver,
    I own the gold.’
        Decree of God-of-the-Angel-Armies.

“‘This Temple is going to end up far better than it started out, a glorious beginning but an even more glorious finish: a place in which I will hand out wholeness and holiness.’ Decree of God-of-the-Angel-Armies.”

On the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month (again, this was in the second year of Darius), God’s Message came to Haggai: “God-of-the-Angel-Armies speaks: Consult the priests for a ruling. If someone carries a piece of sacred meat in his pocket, meat that is set apart for sacrifice on the altar, and the pocket touches a loaf of bread, a dish of stew, a bottle of wine or oil, or any other food, will these foods be made holy by such contact?”

The priests said, “No.”

Then Haggai said, “How about someone who is contaminated by touching a corpse—if that person touches one of these foods, will it be contaminated?”

The priests said, “Yes, it will be contaminated.”

Then Haggai said, “‘So, this people is contaminated. Their nation is contaminated. Everything they do is contaminated. Whatever they do for me is contaminated.’ God says so.

“‘Think back. Before you set out to lay the first foundation stones for the rebuilding of my Temple, how did it go with you? Isn’t it true that your foot-dragging, halfhearted efforts at rebuilding the Temple of God were reflected in a sluggish, halfway return on your crops—half the grain you were used to getting, half the wine? I hit you with drought and blight and hail. Everything you were doing got hit. But it didn’t seem to faze you. You continued to ignore me.’ God’s Decree.

“‘Now think ahead from this same date—this twenty-fourth day of the ninth month. Think ahead from when the Temple rebuilding was launched. Has anything in your fields—vine, fig tree, pomegranate, olive tree—failed to flourish? From now on you can count on a blessing.’”

God’s Message came a second time to Haggai on that most memorable day, the twenty-fourth day of the ninth month: “Speak to Zerubbabel, the governor of Judah:

“‘I am about to shake up everything, to turn everything upside down and start over from top to bottom—overthrow governments, destroy foreign powers, dismantle the world of weapons and armaments, throw armies into confusion, so that they end up killing one another. And on that day’”—this is God’s Message—“‘I will take you, O Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, as my personal servant and I will set you as a signet ring, the sign of my sovereign presence and authority. I’ve looked over the field and chosen you for this work.’” The Message of God-of-the-Angel-Armies.

History, Chief of Staff to Supreme Allied Commad

The sable black field represents the dark rule of the oppressors. The flaming sword of liberation represents the avenging justice that breaks the enemy’s tyrannical rule. The rainbow above represents the hopes of many peoples throughout the earth for cleansing liberty. The sky of azure blue represents the heavens where all is right in order to support the righteous hope at hand below.

The Kansas Cyclone, a member of “the class that the stars fell on,” wrote to the Greatest Generation for the Longest Day. A day of great sacrifice and long struggle that became the greatest day in human history. It is our hope that today the next greatest generation will be embolden to sacrifice and struggle for the Great Day of the Lord.



Warriors, trustworthy angels and humans, all servants and witnesses of the Creator, to all the Allied Expeditionary Force!

‘You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many millennia. The eyes of the world and heavens are upon you. The hope and prayers of all the saints and liberty-loving people everywhere march with you. In company with our brave Allies, brothers and sisters and angels-in-arms on other Fronts, you will bring about the destruction of the Enemy’s war machine, the elimination of Satan’s tyranny over the oppressed earth and all peoples, and restore security for ourselves in a free world.

Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is will trained, well equipped and battle-hardened. He will fight savagely.

But this is the year 5781! Much has happened since the enemies’ triumphs, our Allies have inflicted upon them great defeats, in open battle, hand-to-hand. Our air offensive has seriously reduced their strength in the air and their capacity to wage war on the ground. Our Home Fronts have given us an overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions of war, and placed at our disposal great reserves of trained fighters. The tide has turned! The free peoples of the world are marching together to Victory!

I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full Victory!

Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.’



Renewed Beginnings

I asked my Lord, he is Jesus the Messiah and there is no other like him, when to reveal this and the Creator and Sustainer of all things said to me…

“I warrant it now, because it is ordained for us to fulfill all righteousness.”

Therefore, De Jure, from the reigning King of a rectified heavens, I present a signal from those renewed heavens to the earth below… to all elements, spirits, and creatures therein:

Remember this: God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t see. Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness. God’s Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss.

 God spoke: “Light!”
        And light appeared.
    God saw that light was good
        and separated light from dark.
    God named the light Day,
        he named the dark Night.
    It was evening, it was morning—
    Day One.

God spoke: “Sky! In the middle of the waters;
        separate water from water!”
    God made sky.
    He separated the water under sky
        from the water above sky.
    And there it was:
        he named sky the Heavens;
    It was evening, it was morning—
    Day Two.

God spoke: “Separate!
        Water-beneath-Heaven, gather into one place;
    Land, appear!”
        And there it was.
    God named the land Earth.
        He named the pooled water Ocean.
    God saw that it was good.

God spoke: “Earth, green up! Grow all varieties
        of seed-bearing plants,
    Every sort of fruit-bearing tree.”

        And there it was.
    Earth produced green seed-bearing plants,
        all varieties,
    And fruit-bearing trees of all sorts.
        God saw that it was good.
    It was evening, it was morning—
    Day Three.

God spoke: “Lights! Come out!
        Shine in Heaven’s sky!
    Separate Day from Night.
        Mark seasons and days and years,
    Lights in Heaven’s sky to give light to Earth.”
        And there it was.

God made two big lights, the larger
        to take charge of Day,
    The smaller to be in charge of Night;
        and he made the stars.
    God placed them in the heavenly sky
        to light up Earth
    And oversee Day and Night,
        to separate light and dark.
    God saw that it was good.
    It was evening, it was morning—
    Day Four.

God spoke: “Swarm, Ocean, with fish and all sea life!
        Birds, fly through the sky over Earth!”

    God created the huge whales,
        all the swarm of life in the waters,
    And every kind and species of flying birds.
        God saw that it was good.
    God blessed them: “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Ocean!
        Birds, reproduce on Earth!”
    It was evening, it was morning—
    Day Five.

God spoke: “Earth, generate life! Every sort and kind:
        cattle and reptiles and wild animals—all kinds.”

    And there it was:
        wild animals of every kind,
    Cattle of all kinds, every sort of reptile and bug.
        God saw that it was good.

God spoke: “Let us make human beings in our image, make them
        reflecting our nature
    So they can be responsible for the fish in the sea,
        the birds in the air, the cattle,
    And, yes, Earth itself,
        and every animal that moves on the face of Earth.”
    God created human beings;
        he created them godlike,
    Reflecting God’s nature.
        He created them male and female.
    God blessed them:

        “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge!
    Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air,
        for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth!

Then God said, “I’ve given you
        every sort of seed-bearing plant on Earth
    And every kind of fruit-bearing tree,
        given them to you for food.
    To all animals and all birds,
        everything that moves and breathes,
    I give whatever grows out of the ground for food.”
        And there it was.

God looked over everything he had made;
        it was so good, so very good!

    It was evening, it was morning—
    Day Six.

Heaven and Earth were finished,
    down to the last detail.

By the seventh day
        God had finished his work.
    On the seventh day
        he rested from all his work.
    God blessed the seventh day.
        He made it a Holy Day
    Because on that day he rested from his work,
        all the creating God had done.

This is the story of how it all started,
    of Heaven and Earth when they were created.

“Houston… Heights Base here… the Spirit has landed…”

“That’s one small step for God, one giant leap for humanity…”